asked Nov 7, 2000 at 5:27am
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Epson PHead Flushing details

OK. I have all the solutions and liquids that will supposedly cure this head clogging problem. I have the infamous SR7 Red stuff. I have a syringe that fits over the input nozzle of the head and have tried both positive and negative pressure with the syringe to free the dried ink but NO SUCCESS! Please tell me how you guys (details please) free these heads up. I have removed the head completely and soaked the head in solution but still nothing gives.

Ready to shot-put to the garbage, 5 Epson printers.


I feel the same way about those sometimes. Head cleaning isn't 100\% successful in every case. That red fluid isn't cheap. You've done everything that we advocate. From here on, only thing to do is replace the head and that's on the expensive side. Most customers won't go for that expensive a repair.
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