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asked Dec 4, 2005 at 3:23pm
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No yellow prints on Epson CX 5400

I purchased the cleaning kit from fixyourownprinter and have injected the yellow port 6 times and still no yellow ink prints. I am using genuine Epson yellow cartridge. I cannot run the cleaning cycle because the message is that there is not enough yellow ink. The cartridge is full, it's new. Any help greatly appreciated. This is my 3rd 5400. The first 2 were defective and exchanged the first year. If I could just get this working so that I can use up my remaining ink, I will buy a new printer and it will NOT be an Epson. I had 2 Stylus Color 740 that did exactly the same thing, stopped printing color. Besides that, Epson ink is outrageously expensive. Ounce for ounce it is more expensive than Dom Perignon.
I'm going through a similar exercise with red. See the page discussing the problems with the DuraBrite printers losing a hose connection; apparently that was part of my problem. (While I was at it, I removed the print head and let it soak for a while on a damp paper towel, which may or may not also have helped.) Just reassembled it, and after repeated head-cleaning passes red is starting to come back into operation.

My best guess is that red just happened to be the color most prone to drying out (or least used?) when I lost the cleaning connection.

As far as ink price: If that's important to you, check before buying. I happen to like the Epson inks' archival qualities -- I may not need that most of the time, but for images I intend to hold onto as mounted artwork it's a Very Good Thing -- and I haven't found the cost per page to be entirely unreasonable. If this is your primary criterion, skip inkjets and move to laser printers... but you're probably schrod there too, as manufacturers are increasingly cutting the price of their printers by moving more of the cost into the ink.

As far as cost per ounce: If that was all that mattered, nobody would be complaining about oil prices; gas is still cheaper than coffee...
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My yellow ink ran out I put in a new epson cartrigs and it will
not print
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