asked Dec 1, 2005 at 8:43am
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 1200

THANK YOU! - especially thanks to Denny Conway...

I just had to sign-up for the sole purpose of thanking this great forum!

I've had a problem with my Epson1200 in the last year (since it started getting old - although it still prints fantastic) with occassional mis-alignment, it would print partially, then you hear a bang/ratchet sound and the heads jump to the left and starts printing the rest of the image halfway across the page.

After some searching on the net, I came across your forums, and after some searching on your forums, it seems many people here have had similar experiences. After trying a few of their solutions fpund here(and a morning wasted!) my old printer is as good as new!! I wasn't sure where to thank since there were so many threads that posed good solutions - but the name Denny Conway keeps popping up in the many threads. So thanks to all who contribute to this forum, especially Mr. Conway (the cleaning of the guide rail and bushing with a re-alignment afterwards did the trick - as well as learning to reset the ink & EEPROM IC). I hate seeing so many threads end at the solution, it would be nice if they replied to at least say it worked or they had given up. Well - it worked for me.

So thanks everybody - maybe with sites like these, we can curb the consumption of disposable technologies.