asked Nov 20, 2005 at 11:49am
Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+

HP IIIP does not clean properly

My HP IIIP produces horizontal and sometime vertical lines which I have tried to eliminate by following the printer cleaning procedure to no avail. I have tried a new toner cartridge, and the problem persists. Anyone with and possible solution?
The ONLY thing that CAN cause the problem is the toner cartridge. I don't care how many of them you've tried. You're probably using refilled cartridges. They will fail every time.
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I have the same problem, mostly vertical lines, broad smears really, perhaps 1/2 to an inch wide. I don't believe it's the cartridge. I have two hp3s, and the other prints clean on any of three cartridges I have and all cartridges print bad on this machine. Can the fuser cause this? I've seen fairly clean looking pages go into the assembly and come out messed up. Can the fuser be cleaned or maybe replaced? How to get into it? I'll listen for help comments.
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There seems to be some confusion factor here. This is a IIIP thread and you mention 2 HP3s and swapping cartridges. Since that is physically impossible, it is likewise impossible to render advice since we don't know if we're dealing with apples or oranges. Maybe you should have started your own thread instead of confusing everyone. - Anonymous
HP 2P /3P ONLY hi is the lines dark, if so its going to be the toner, the ends of the drum crack causing the charge to run under the drum, then the toner atractes to the charge,... also are the black lines running of the page at each end..... please reply.....
tweak connection on the printer that connect to the drum ( on the left side of printer is a sping tang connection were the cartridge slides in treak it out so it poppes out but stays connected, this usualy caused a black pages),are you also getting errors 51 52 41 ............... all the best

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On your two HP LJ 3's, if one printer is producing good printouts and the other one isn't, when using the same toner cartridges & you stated that, ".... fairly clean looking pages going into the assembly and come out messed up", it might be the fuser. I'm guessing that the assembly you are speaking of, is the fusing unit. Does it have a green hinged lid? Does this assembly get hot? If your answers are yes to these questions, then you just found the fuser. Left up the green, felt covered lid, pull out the cleaning brush and take a look at the top roller. Are there bad areas on that roller & do they line up with the "messed up" parts on your printed page? Post the results back here for further help.
Good luck!
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Hi; again. You're talking about the HP3; I meant the HP3P. The fuser is in the fold out hinged section; at least it gets hot there. Is there an easy way to get into it, anything to look at or check out? As a side note, the two toner cartridges look different inside; one is sort of olive drab on the roller, the other is a metallic shiny green, almost chartruse. Should be immaterial, as both work on the upstairs HP3P, and neither on the downstairs HP3P.
(This is doubly confusing since I also have three HP3s; without the P suffix.) But I'm talking about HPIIIPs.
Thanks for bearing with me.
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The IIIP fuser does not ever experience that problem. The reason being that there really isn't anything that rubs on the roller hard enough to mess it up. Toner likewise does not build up on it. Just to make sure, you can lower the fuser access door at the front of the printer above the Manual Feed Tray. You can then look inside at the rollers. If the top one doesn't exhibit any worn teflon or black stripes, then the fuser is definitely NOT the problem. It is fairly easy to swap the fusers between the working and non working printers. Go here for instructions http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/reference/guides/fuser/lx
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Moe, I think I have it. I pulled the fuser, the rubber roller has a tear in it, about 1/2 long, looks as if it poked with a screwdriver. That part of the page prnts ok, the tear is smooth-edged, BUT: there is a solid black glaze of toner on the fuser surface itself in the places where I'm getting black lines. I'll bet you have a fuser roller or assembly I can get.... love these hp printers. Thanks for the patience. BTW, this printer had a non-oem cartridge in it when I got it used. The hps are olive drab on the active surface, the "Imaging" cartridge is shiny metallic green. Second BTW: Can the fuser surface be cleaned?
by memnosine on Mar 1, 2006 at 8:55pm Add comment
I've got a lot of used fuser assys. in good condition I can let you have for a good price. email me.
by moe on Mar 2, 2006 at 9:58am Add comment
Received the fuser assembly. Mounting structure is off; one screw hole does not match. Am I seeing different mechanical versions of the HP3P? Can I disasemble and mix and match fuser parts, or are there traps I'm going to fall into? And how can I specify which version I have? Any advice from the collective?
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Hmmm, you might have received an Apple fuser in error. They are the same except for the one screw hole at the front right being off and there is a tab on the top right that won't allow the door to close. Contact [email protected] and they'll take care of it for you.
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Yup, it has a long tab, top right and offset mounting hole. Emailed sales. Thanks
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Received a replacement fuser unit, fits OK, is clean, and after installing, the print test produces beautiful, clean, sharp pages! I love it when something finally comes together. This printer (and the old fuser) have only 22426 pages on them; should last me a good long time more. Now to return to the HP IIIs that are groaning and stopping. But that's another thread. Thanks everyone who commented.
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My HPIIIP just ran out of toner. I replaced it with a used cartridge from my parts HPIIIP. It streaked like crazy. I replaced that with a sealed "new" OEM toner cartridge and it is causing thin vertical stripes...but the "new" cartridge had been sitting in the file cabinets at work for years. I didn't notice the date on the box before I tossed it.

I cleaned off the roller under the fuser per the technical manual (dry lint free cloth), and it is still streaking and the roller has toner streaks again after printing one page.

Not sure if it's worth investing in a new toner.
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