asked Nov 6, 2000 at 8:03am
Hp HP Color Copier 150

HP c6270 scanner

This machine is about 18 months old and has worked OK until 2 weeks ago, when I moved it from a table to a computer desk I had bought. Now only the light inside goes on when it is plugged in. When the scanning application starts, the message is "Sorry, scanner could not be initialized.(scanner not found)". HP said for $150 or so they would fix it. It looks to me a power supply or board problem. By the way, I took hooked it up in a local computer store that has the identical model to be sure that it wasn't something in my setup that was at fault. Same result. I was told that their unit had had the same problem, and HP had exchanged it under warranty.The second one also had the problem which HP fixed.
Please help.