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Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP4 no print

I just picked up a nice HP4 Laserjet - but it doesn't print. I installed a nearly new toner cartridge from my other HP4, then try the self test menu. The printer runs through all functions perfectly (does the internal tests, picks up the paper, runs paper through the machine perfectly, deposits paper correctly in the output tray). BUT - there is absolutely nothing on the page. Not a single speck of toner.

Where do I start checking?

I had the same problem & just had a serviceman out to repair my HP4.

He found what he called a "flap" which directs the light to the toner cartridge. According to him, the flap should have a "nub" on each end which holds it in place. The nub tends to break off over time and then the flap doesn't direct the light to the toner. He replaced this flap & my printer is working great.

He also indicated that another common cause for the "white page" is the foam roller which presses the paper to the toner drum can wear-out causing it not to press the paper to the toner drum.

Perhaps someone here can give you the real names of these parts, but that's how the serviceman discribed it to me over the phone. My cost to repair it was $66 ($45 std labor + $20 trip charge + tax).

Hope this helps.
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The part Bruce had replaced is called the cartidge support bracket. You remember how when you install the cartridge and it slides in, then drops down, and locks into place. The cartridge support bracket holds the cartirdge down to stay in contact with the gears to allow toner to be transfered onto the paper.
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On some of the HP4 printers the black plastic cart support or guide is missing.
Part # RB1-2105-000
For the longest time I had a piece of folded paper holding my cart in place then I found a rubber foot pad that was from the bottom of some printer or something it worked perfect. I finally ordered the guide. It's cheap and easy to install. It's located below the top of the metal frame. It has wings that go into slots on both sides. You put it in and slide it foward.
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You could also check to make sure that the laser scanner shutter is opening. That will also cause a no-print situation....
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