asked Nov 14, 2005 at 7:41am
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Streaking and/or color banding on Epson R-300

Is the streaking that I see reported on this forum endemic to ink-jet printers, with a common solution available, or are there some models that are simply inferior? I am close to buying an Epson R-300 to replace my Photo-700 which I have been pretty satisfied with in general. The replacement idea came about because the 700 is parallel port (slow) and I figured that the technology must have improved over the 6-7 years since I’ve been printing photos. Also, CompUSA is offering the USB R-300 for $79.95 after rebates (about half what I paid for the 700).

I went online to see reviews on the R-300 and found lots of users that give it a perfect score saying that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. But there are also many that complain about various things, some which I can live with (ink cost, CD print tray jamming) but also several that report streaking or color banding. Since these printing artifacts are something that my brain will rebel on quite violently, causing me to trash the machine, I figured that I’d better do a little more research – Which led me to this forum. What I have found from searching with the term “streaking” is that users of many different brands and models report this problem. The general reason given by experts appears to be clogged print heads or trash getting dragged along the heads. So what I’m wondering is whether to buy the R-300 and just keep it well maintained or whether I may be buying a machine that will not satisfy me as well as what I’m replacing. Some consumers appear to experience the streaking with the printer right out of the box (brand new). If the R-300 has design flaws that cause the streaking then I don’t want it.

Thanks for your advice and thoughts on this.
It is my opinion that all consumers should stay with equipment that can be fixed if it breaks. As long as it is working. Do you really need more speed or can you do other things while it prints.

If you truly want to change printers than consider a color laser. Some of them are pretty cheap now for what type of quality you get. They are however mostly expensive to run. You are however doing the right thing by checking around.

The new stuff is junk and this is reflected in the price. For alot of the units no parts are avialable. So be sure to ask if parts are avialable than check for yourself. Or buy two so when the one breaks you can hook up the other and continue.

Just my two cents.
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I want to stay with ink-jet for photos, or possibly dye sublimation. I am looking at the R-300 because it's so cheap and my Stylus 700 has provided good service though slow. I have seen some prints from some newer machines and they look better than from my 700, and I'm assuming that the R-300 is of the newer variety.

Back to my main reason for the post -- Does anyone know if the streaking reported by 5-10 \% of users is a design flaw or a maintenance item?? I can live with ink cost and some of the other frailties of the cheaper machines but don't want to buy something that makes inferior photos.
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