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Lexmark Lexmark Optra R

Optra R Lexmark Missing cartridge error 30

After some months in storage, I cleaned out my Optra R but now I get the message "Top open or missing cartridge" after it performs its self test. Both the cartridge is there and the lid is closed properly. Do these printers print continuously? Because it always has only printed one page at a time. Paul (Ratcat) Any help would be appreciated.
Just reseat the cartridge then close the door(I have a optra R+ and have had this error once or twice)it should work ok now
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I have that error maybe once in a great while,what I do is just pull out slightly the cartridge then seat it back in again shut the top and it should be good to go
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The interlock on that printer is strange. There is a plastic dingle on a spring hanging from the top lid. It slides down a ramp on the left side of the cartridge. It then goes into a post in the printer and actuates a switch. I think Rube Goldberg designed that one.
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Thanks for the help everyone. I sorted the problem out. The "Dingle (I think the last person mentioned it) was broken, I found it at the bottom of the Printer. If the cartridge is missing the dingle wont be directed onto the switch. I screwed in a brass screw to keep the switch activated. Unfortunately the Dingle is mounted on a plastic bit which broke at some stage so it cant be fixed although I might try some Cyanoacrylate. The paper feed trays are missing except for one at the back. I can print as many as I like manually but I have to wait for the three beeps before inserting the next sheet. Does anyone know if you can run it on auto with just the back tray? Also I have two light lines across the page. I dont know much about Laser printers, is there a cleaning program or maintenance I can perform?
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Lexmark made a kit to replace the broken interlock 'dingle'. You can achieve a good repair by reattaching it using an epoxy adhesive. You may need to adjust its position slightly to ensure it runs in the channel on the print cartridge. Just observe it as you slowly close the top cover.

The manual feed can only be used in the way you are using it as it has no mechanism to prevent multiple feeds.

I have some paper trays available, but as I am in Perth Western Australia, that is probably of no use to you.

The print defect is probably due to a bad print cartridge. Try a 'half-test'. Once the cover interlock is working correctly, allowing the printer to sense that the cover is open, move the blue lever on the front cover to make the page exit at the front. Then send a page to print, and open the cover when the page appears at the exit. Remove the print cartridge & examine the print underneath where the cartridge sits. If the defect is there, then it is definitely the cartridge causing it. If not, then it is the fuser. Be aware that the toner on the page will be loose, so take care when you remove the page from the printer. Pull it from the front of the printer, and the residual heat in the fuser should fuse the toner to the page.
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Hi Folks,

I am getting an "ERROR 30" on my Optra R. I believe my interlock "dingle" is broken, as I found a dark brown broken off screw thingy with the narrow pin extension. I think I might be able to reattach it with epoxy, as was suggested, but would you please describe the "dingle"? Also, where does it attach? I'm trying to verify that what broke off is actually the "dingle". Is there a picture of where it is supposed to attach somewhere. Any help you can give me will be much appreciated. I've had my Optra R for a long time and it has been a great printer. If only I can solve this problem. Thanks so much.

Don Williamson
[email protected]
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Can't describe it any better than I did originally. Ratcat was able to find it. Just read the description carefully and you should be able to find it as well.
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Its probably about 42 MM LONG and its only about 2 -2 1/2 MM DIA at the small end and the other end has a wound tight spring probably about 6 - 7 MM DIA. Its easy to find the place where it is supposed to be attatched, its on the upper lid you,ll see a round piece of black plastic with a cutout. I used Cyanoacrylate (super glue) and it worked just fine. I let it sit for about 24 hours before I used it.
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I fixed the printing lines across the page too. I just removed the cartridge and lifted the flap to expose the glass roller and wiped it (as described in the manual) with a cotton swab wrapped in a piece of lint free cloth, then I turned it upside down (dont know if you are supposed to do this) and pulled back the flap to reveal a large area of the glass roller, and wiped it. I test printed and found the lines still there but not as dark so I kept repeating the process until the lines were virtually invisible, now I,m good to go!
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Hey guys, I have a Lexmark Optra R+ that i just started using again and i keep getting the "30 Top cover open or missing cartridge".. i tried everything.. i took the cartridge out, i slide the top "sliding thing" attached to the cartridge on lock, not on lock, i really dont know what else to do.. it was working perfectly fine acouple of months ago. Please help me :(
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