asked Nov 9, 2005 at 12:06pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 900

epson photo 900

I have an epson stylus photo 900 . When I turn on the green power light flashes then the two red lights(ink and paper) come on flashing and the green light goes out but the reds continue to flash. I can`t get the printer to do anything.This is the case if the usb lead is connected or not.Please help.
Could be the waste ink counter, should check to see if the ink pad is really full but can usually get away with this once. I did look but I only have the parts manual for this not the service manual.
Try this if you are sure your waste inkpads are ok!

1. Power off machine
2. Press & Hold LOAD/EJECT & CLEANING buttons.
3. press POWER button (still pressing other two)
4. INK OUT light should blink
5. release all buttons
6. in 2 - 3 seconds press & hold CLEANING button for 10-12 seconds

This should reset waste ink counter. You may have to power off to register. There is a programme you can download to reset these but this is the manual reset.

Hope this helps?!
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Resetting the waste ink counter solves only part of the problem. In order to prevent ink from oozing out of the printer at some time in the future, clean or replace the waste ink pads.
Hope this helps.
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