asked Nov 6, 2000 at 3:49am
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Local Talk Message

Hello Laser Technicians
Have a friend who has a 360 Apple laser writer.
Symptoms the green light comes on ,flashes green then the next yellow light comes on then flashes-with local talk giving message " Printer fixing temperature malfunction"
I have checked the AC line voltage .and the paper tray switch on bottom.
The fuser resistance was 4.2 Ohms.

Also is there a cd and or video available for mantaining this 360 apple printer?

Best regards Paul

The problem would be either with the fuser lamp or the power supply. Sometimes fuser lamps are bad even though they read resistance. The way to tell in most instances is to pull it out. If the lamp is clear, it's good. If the lamp has black and white stripes, it's bad. I see this a lot in Lexmark fusers. The printer will work sometimes, then give a fuser error. Pull the lamp and you get the characteristic zebra stripes. Got 2 in the shop right now with those symptoms. As for cd/video. The only one we have is the right side print fade. The video does show a total dissasemby of the print engine because you have to remove everything to get to the optics.
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