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Epson Epson Stylus Color 640

Resetting the Memory of the Epson 640

Hi, my Epson stylus 640 is being rather tricky at the moment (most probably because its old). It'll still print, it just sometimes keeps trying to roll paper though (even if theres no paper there), and the other night I found it with the Ink lights on solid and the paper and power lights flashing (so turned it off).

Anyway, every time i turn it off when something like this happens, I turn it back on and it just rolls out a load of random characters.

Is there some way I can reset the memory on the Epson so it won't do this (preferably without leaving the cable out for ages).


Normally when a printer starts printing random characters or "gobbledygook" it is a driver/software error. Can also be a bad printer cable. If you have other printer drivers installed, delete them & make sure it is always trying to print to your default printer.
Hope this helps?!
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Fully agreed.

Gibberish printing is nearly a 95\% indication of a bad para cable. Failing that you could always try to reset the actual memory itself, but this probably wouldn't do so much for you. I believe on those series of printers, it was

1) Hold Load/Eject & Cleaning until they both blink
2) Release all buttons
3) Press the Load/Eject button once

That was a typical rom-reset, but again, doesn't sound like what it troubling you.

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Hi, thanks to you both, hmm didn't think of checking the cable, I'll see if we have any others in the house (all of our others use USB).

If it is a driver then I'm not really sure what I can do about it (except for buy some cartridges for my canon) because I don't think Epson supply any drivers for the 640 under linux, I'm just using footmatic Gimp-print ones.

Thanks for both of your advice (advices...advici :P) I'll see if i can get another cable sorted.

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Me again :), i meant foomatic :) or at least i think i did.

It doesn't seem you can edit your posts in this.
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You may already have this but check here. It migh be of some use
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Harry, you can edit your post by going to it, you will see an additional "edit" next to "reply" As for linux printing.... I don't even know what you mean! Sorry, software pathetic!
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