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Hp HP DeskJet 670C

hp deskjet 670c

I have a deskjet 670c printer wich is not printing anything (test page from computer - it says: "the device is not conected; neither the test page with the printer disconected from computer).

At power on the carriage with the print cartriges is moving afther a few trips it stops at the middle of the trip and the orange LED starts blinking.

In order to solve the problem I have taken the following steps:

- tried another cable,
- conected the printer to another computer (same thing),
- tried new cartriges,
- cleaned the copper contacts on the cartriges and on the carriage,
- cleaned and lubricated the rod wich holds the carriage,
- cleaned the encoder bar,


Please help me
Hp 670 are in my opionion a pretty good printer. However in your post above you did not mention if you had.

Loaded the driver?
What Operating system you are running, Windows, Linux, Apple, or other?

From your post you could have a bad port on the computer or the driver may be corrept and need to be reloaded on the computer. Or you could have a printer problem.

What you need to do is check as below and see if the printer will print a self test page. The below is from HP.com.
Turn on the printer and then press and hold the RESUME button for several seconds to print a test page.

1. If the RESUME button light continues to flash, press it again.

2. If the RESUME button light continues to flash and the printer does not print a test page, make sure that the printer cable is firmly attached to the printer.

3. If the printer cable is firmly attached to the printer, then check to be sure that the printer cartridges are seated securely in their cradles.

4. If the printer cartridges are seated firmly in their cradles, then check for any tape or packing material that you may have left inside the printer or on the cartridges.

5. If you press the RESUME button for too long, you may end up printing several test pages
Unlike in the above I suggest removing the cable to the computer from the back of the printer than do the self test. If the printer will than do the self test you have checked the printer for proper operation.

Once you have done this and know that the printer works. You need to make sure you have a printer driver loaded on the computer for your printer and operating system. Go to HP.com and under this printer there are instructions for installing the driver. You will need to fill in a few blanks and know what operating system your using.

Good luck and hope this helps.
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