asked Oct 31, 2005 at 4:09pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 640

epson 640 inkjet printer

I have bought a new PC with Windows XP home edition running on Pentium 4
My '640' required an adaptor to allow USB connection. I have fitted same but printer fails to work. Do I require different driver etc? HELP!! please
Bit of a tough explanation. Checking out mr epson's webbie, I do notice a lack of any XP drivers for your c640; Shame that! But I do know that win2000 is fully compatible with winXP as they're both basically cousins of the NT Kernel (Nar, nerd alert!). I'd go ahead and try a fresh download and install of the win2000 and see how that goes and then focus on the cables later.

If the install works, I'd try an old-style paralell cable connection as it should work and be cheap-easy to find now-adays. Most usb to paralell cables require their own installation files and software and I find they add an un-necessary hurdle in effective troubleshooting.

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