asked Oct 26, 2005 at 12:51am
Hp HP LaserJet 5MP

HP Laserjet 5MP


At the office, we're having a problem with our Laserjet 5MP. When you try to print there are always printed dirty black horizontal stripes on the paper. When we stop the printing just before the paper reaches the cartridge, the paper still is clean. When we stop the printing just after, the paper is dirty. Initially, we thought it was a cartridge problem, so we replaced the cartridge, but the problem didn't stop.

May thanks for the advice,
Tim Wouters
Ok, we fixed it anyway. Part number 5 of http://www.laserprinter-parts.com/5p6p_int_comp_2.htm got loose and we just had to tighten it up.

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My HP LaserJet 5MP has worked great for years. All of a sudden I get solid black pages with a lot of streaky black on the other side. I thought it was a bad toner cartridge but I replaced it an I'm getting the same thing. By the way, these were both remanufactured cartridges if that matters.

Any ideas?
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