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G95 will not power up

I have a G95 that has worked fine for years. The other day I went to use it and it had absolutely no signs of life. I checked the power supply with a meter and it has sufficient voltage. I pulled the main board out and there are some areas that have a very light coating of black residue but it doesnt stink like burnt electronics and there arent any obviously toasted components. I've pulled the board out and plugged in the power supply (18vdc) to it to verify that there is power going to the board and that there arent any bad solder joints on the power connector. Even wiggling it around the voltage is consistent. SO, does this most likely mean I have a bad C6734-60151 board? If so where is a reliable place to buy, approx cost, and is it worth the cost?

I've seen a reference in google to this part # and "european version". What does this mean?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
C6734-68001 Main PC board - Controls and drives the printer - Not for Europe - Main PC Board - Controls and Drives the Printer - Mounts in a Shielded Box on the Rear Top of the Printer Mechanism - Not for Europe

C6737-69015 Main PC board - Controls and drives the printer - For Europe - Main PC Board - Controls and Drives the Printer - Mounts in a Shielded Box on the Rear Top of the Printer Mechanism - for Europe

I can not order that part from HP any more.

Your best bet is getting one from a machine with a broken scanner.

Part number C6734-68001 is used in the following model(s):

Model Number Description
C6734A OfficeJet G Series

C6734AR OfficeJet G Series

C6736A OfficeJet G55

C6736AR OfficeJet G55

C6737A OfficeJet G85/G85xi

C6737AR OfficeJet G85/G85xi

C6737B OfficeJet G85/G85xi

C6738A OfficeJet G55xi

C6738AR OfficeJet G55xi

C6739A OfficeJet G85/G85xi

C6739AR OfficeJet G85/G85xi

C6740A OfficeJet G95

C6740AR OfficeJet G95

C6740B OfficeJet G95

C6741A Color Copier 180/190

C6741AR Color Copier 180/190

C6742A Color Copier 280/290

C6742AR Color Copier 280/290

C6743A Color Copier 180/190

C6744A Color Copier 280/290

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So even though the board has the # C6734-60151 printed right on it I should be looking for C6734-68001?

My machine is the C6734A model.

I found the 68001 board at an online retailer listed as 'new' and in stock for $125. Is this most likely a scam or is it possible that someone still has one?

As far as 'getting one from a machine with a broken scanner', where is a logical place to look for one?

Thanks again.
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Hi There.

I have an Officejet G.95 printer/scanner etc.
I have just installed it. It was being used in my wife's officew and hasn't been used in about 8 months but it was working. Now when I turn it on the LCD display dimly flashes 2 faint thick black lines. The Auto Answer button flashes and the quality Best, Normal and fast lights flash as well.

I have turned it off an on, taken out the power supply etc. I can't get it to work. On top of that I have tried to install it on my PC but It wont see the printer (hardly surprising) I am running XP service pack 2.

Thank you

by maxcottle on Nov 20, 2005 at 1:52am Add comment
When a part number is printed on a board that is often the part number of the bare board, (no components), after the components are installed then the board has a different part number.

Someone might still have a new board, but I wouldn't pay $125 for it.

You can look in thrift shops, and on eBay for broken machines.

When a machine won't power up the first thing to check is the output voltage from the power supply.

Next attempt to reset the machine, (search forums for procedures).

Next step is to reseat any cables and plugs you can find.

After that you have to swap parts.

by Stephen on Nov 20, 2005 at 9:57am Add comment
Thanks Stephen. I would have had a hard time paying that for a power supply on a device that has some miles on it when I can buy a brand new all-in-one for $300. I'll keep looking for a bad one with a good pow sup. If someone is interested in buying this G95 from me that might have a good pow sup, please reply.
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