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Epson 640

Hi There
Can anyone help a printer off my dad the other day to do photos on.... Have bought correct paper etc - all new ink inside etc and whenever I print photos they are coming out liney!
Or is the word stripey?? I cannot fathom out why???
Any advice???
Cheers !
well this can have several solutions if u have white banding in the printhead direction (from left to right)

few solutions :

to start print a nozel test and look if all nozels are present ,
if u miss some nozels try to do a cleaning and look if the same nozels are missing or if others are missing .

if nozels go missing on random then the cap assy has to be replaced (or good cleaned)
if always the same nozels are missing u need to try cleaning the printhead with epson cleaning liq. or replace the printhead

if more information is needed feel free to ask


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