asked Sep 23, 2005 at 8:37am
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 900

Epson Stylus 900 Color Light On Problem

Hi, anyone heard of this problem?

I left the printer finishing off a print and when I came back and although the print had finished the color light was on solid red. This was strange as I'd only just replaced the color a few hours earlier and knew there was plenty ink left in it. (by the was I replaced the colour earlier because the light was on then)

When I went throught the simulated motions of replacing the color it cleaned the heads for a few minutes, tried to do a test print and all I got was solid block print from bother heads. I mean as though it were printing SOLID lines the full height of the print head. Once it did this it returned to the color light being back on again.

I thought I knew a little about this printer but cannot for the life of me understand what's going on. Perhaps it's a print head problem but there was no indicaiton of this as the print, although being solid does not seam to be from a burnt out print head.

Hope someone can help...

sounds to me as if the print head has blown, and if so the only option is to have it replaced.
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Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm sort of coming to the same conclusion. Just can't understand it; never mind it's probably cheaper to buy an equivalent printer than to pay to get it fixed. Any idea where I could buy a cheap set of print heads for a DIY project incase I do try to fix?

- Anonymous
where are you? i'm in the UK
by Anonymous on Sep 23, 2005 at 3:15pm Add comment
Hi, by coincidence I'm also based in the UK. Any UK print dealers you think could help? - Anonymous