asked Sep 19, 2005 at 5:59am
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 1200

Epson Photo 1200 print head issue

I have inherited an Epson Photo 1200, and the initial problem is it wouldn't pull the paper through sufficiently to start printing on. I solved that, next issue - it won't print black, at all.
Previous owner had used non-genuine cartridges in it, so I removed the black one and installed a genuine Epson black cartridge. Ran the cleaning utility several times, but still no black would print.
I took the machine in for an appraisal and they tell me it needs a new print head and the ink pads replaced.
Cost of new print head - NZ$230 !

Plus ink pads

Plus labour

... adds up to an expensive repair job.

Question #1 is, has anyone had this problem before, to be told it's the print head only to find out that it was something a lot simpler, like a blockage?

Q #2 If I do have to replace the print head, where can I get one from for significantly less than the above price?

Q #3 Does anyone have a junked printer with a half-way decent print-head in it?

Q #4 Where do I get a copy of the Epson service program that they keep referring to in the service manual?

Many thanks in advance to everyone.