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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 2000

Epson Stylus 740 Color

Running Windows 2000 Pro software. Have two Epson 740 printers. With no other changes than switching out the printers to the same cable connection to the computer, one printer prints correctly and the other prints garbage (Different fonts, symbols, letters etc). Can you tell me what would cause the bad printer to print incorrectly and if so, is the printer fixable?

Run a self test on the printer. To do so:
1. Turn the printer off.
2. Disconnect the printer cable.
3. Load paper.
4. Hold down the load\\eject button while powering up the printer.
5. When the power light starts to flash, release the load\\eject button.
6. 2 "stair step" patterns should print (black and color) with a short line of text and numbers below. At this time don't be concerned if the stair step patterns are not perfect as this may only be a sigh that the printhead needs to be cleaned.
If the stair step patterns don't print properly, or the short line of text is jibberish, it is likely that either the printhead or mainboard are defective.
Hope this helps.
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Will give it a shot this evening and advise.


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