asked Aug 29, 2005 at 11:40am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 740

Epson 740 Horizontal Lines (ALL THE TIME)

I ran trough all the forum and even search for someone who has the same problem and nothing.

This morning i did a deep clean of the head by submerging the heads in hot water (not boiling) and let the ink dissolve for a while. I did this in the past and worked great. But this time i fully dry it and assambled it again (reinserted the bar and rolling rubber band).

I connected and made a pattern print, it only print continue horizontal lines, word (horizontal lines), photoshop (horizontal lines), what ever i try horizontal lines.

I downloaded new drivers for PC Win2k LPT... the same problem, i tested even on a mac mini by USB and the same.

This means is fried?

Thanks in advance.
Try using the link to the epson head cleaning solution... look at the top of this web page...
by Stephen on Aug 30, 2005 at 9:17pm Add comment
Recheck to see if the cable is fully seated in the connector on the printhead. Also check the cable it see if it has been damaged. If you were to ask a Epson tech they will tell you to never remove a printhead unless you are going to replace it. The reason is the printhead is very delicate and is easily damaged.

If you are lucky it's just a loose cable connection.

I hopw this helps,

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Thanks!, Lucky for me I used alcohol and a syringe to clean again the heads, sticking the syringe from the top, the diameter of the syringe is a little bit wider than the pins that perforate the cartridges, so I could make the alcohol pass with enough preassure to clean all the nozzels. I let it dry for one day, and that fix it, some water left in the printing head must have been the problem.

The other thing to try, i did it and worked for me (do it at your own risk), is to fill old cartridges with alcohol and make a lot of cleaning process. The alcohol disolve the ink very well.

Thank for your answers.
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