asked Aug 13, 2005 at 10:43pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 1200

Epson 1200 idle for months, suggestions??

Greetings all, hoping someone can help with this:

I've had this 1200 for almost 5 years now, generally been very happy with it but earlier this year was having mountains of problems with paper jamming, carriage bar sticking, clogged heads, etc. I have cleaned the bar many times and was trying to fix the clogged head, when I stupidly decided to try reseating the ink carts. Problem is, I've had a Niagara CIS on the system for so long, I actually forgot that shifting the cart would break the seal and let air into the lines... until I pulled the cartridge out. THEN I remembered. At that moment I had no time to patience/time to deal with a printer disaster and so I replaced the carts, let it "home" and shut it off. It has not been powered up since.

That was maybe six months ago. Now, I would really like to save this printer. I expect that it probably has ink dried in the heads and certainly needs a good cleaning/relube of the carriage assembly. Any other suggestions, special tips for cleaning long-idle heads, or anything else to watch out for? I am afraid to turn it on without prior attention, as I understand that air in the CIS lines can cause kill the printhead... and there is certainly air in these lines. Problem is, I can't unlock the heads to replace the CIS carts, without powering on and probably sucking that air right in. Am planning to call the CIS manufacturer tomorrow for tips on dealing with their product, but in the meantime, can anyone suggest how I go about servicing the Epson itself??