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Hp HP DeskJet 600

HP Officejet 710 All-in-One

This is for the record (since there are no postings here for this model).

I currently own an HP Officejet 710 All-in-One printer which has worked well up to now. It is 3 years old and gets light, home use.

Lately, it has been giving me problems that are identical to those described by users of the Officejet 600 series.

Problem 1: Nuisance/false paper jams after every print.

Solution 1: See "HP Officejet 600 paper jams" posting of May 2001.

Problem 2: Horrible grinding of gears from printer upon powering up. (The noise originates from the right-hand side, directly under the ink- cartridge-carrier).

Partial Solution 2: Make sure that the ink- cartridge-carrier moves all the way to the right-hand side and that the matching/interlocking cradle rises UP and mates with the cartridge-carrier. Unfortuanely, I have only been able to do this manually when the printer is off --physically sliding the cartridge carrier into position. Not the best.
How do you turn off the low ink warning box in an HP Officejet 710. A new cartridge doesn't do it.
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ROBERT: Here's some "General Information" on one common problem that can cause those "grinding noises" in that area...HOW TO CHECK FOR POSSIBLE "CLEANING STATION ASSEMBLY" TONER BUILD-UP, THAT CAN CAUSE "GRINDING NOISES": With the power on, open the "top cover" and the "print cartridge holder assy" should unlock and the assy should move over towards the center area. The assy moves to different positions on some HP models, but the important thing is if it unlocks and actually moves over, even slightly. If it does, then reach over the printer to the back area, or side area on some models of HP's and unplug the power cable. Now you can slide the cartridge assy back and forth, or side to side. Push that assy over to the far left side of the printer, out of the way. Now with a flashlight, look into the bottom area of the "cleaning station assy". On the far right side of the printer, clear down in the bottom of the printer, is a "waste ink pad" [felt type pad, covered with black ink]. When that pad fills up with used ink, it then starts to build-up and pile-up the overflow of used ink that can no longer soak into the pad. As this ink piles up, it starts drying out and turning into a hard "CLUMP" of ink [like a small rock, but not as hard]. When that clump gets big enough, it can actually bind the gear assy at the far right side of that pad. As that clump gets high enough, it can actually stop the forward motion of the shaft above it. That shaft normally turns/spins as the "cleaning stations" rubber pads and blades move from the back area of the printer, to the front area of the printer. Now when that clump of dried ink stops the forward motion of the top portion of the "cleaning station assy", this is usually what causes a bad "grinding type noise" [from that area]. You will normally notice this noise when the printer is going through its "initialization routine"... OF COURSE, IF YOU DON'T SEE THE "CLUMP" OF BUILT-UP TONER AT THE BOTTOM AREA WHEN YOU SHINE YOUR FLASHLIGHT IN, THEN YOUR PROBLEM MAY BE WORSE, OR AT LEAST A DIFFERENT PROBLEM. SOMETIMES THE BUILD-UP AND GRINDING NOISE HAS BEEN GOING ON SO LONG, THAT IT CAN BURN OUT THE "CLEANING STATION'S" DRIVE ASSY, OR THAT ASSY CAN GO BAD ANYWAY...If you need any help on how to clean out that "waste ink pad area", let me know thru this "printer repair site". If I can help you, I will try...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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TO ANONYMOUS: I'm sorry, but I don't know of any way to actually turn off the "warning box". I know that you tried a new cartridge, but a couple of other problem areas come to mind...QUESTIONS: Did you try actually cleaning the "electrical contacts" inside the "print cartridge holder assembly"?...Did you try CAREFULLY cleaning off the "sensor strip" [easily damaged and easily unhooked & hard to reinstall]?...Does this message come up only on the "710's" operational panel, or does a message also come up on your Monitor?...If you need help with cleaning in either of these areas, let me know thru this "printer repair site". I will help you if I can...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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