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Hp HP DesignJet 4000

HP4000 50.2 Fuser Error - My Bad?

The right edge of the fixing film on the fuser roller had deteriorated, resulting in jagged edges in the film. (That end looked browned, like the heating element was hotter at that end.)

This resulted in sparodic vertical creases in the printed paper. Before ordering the replacement fixing film, the company VP requested that I trim off the jagged edge of the film and see if this would enable the user to print while we were waiting for the replacement fixing film to arrive (haven't ordered it yet.)

I did this (very carefully I thought) by removing the one end cap of the fusing roller then sliding the fixing film off enough to snip the flim end clean. When the fusing unit was reinstalled into the printer, the printed displayed the 50.2 FUSER ERROR message.

I swapped the fusing unit with another one and no FUSER ERROR displayed so the problem IS the fusing unit. (Also installed the suspect fusing unit into the other printer and that printer exhibited the 50.2 FUSER ERROR.)

If the fixing film is replaced, will that resolve the 50.2 FUSER ERROR or did I cause something else to fail when I got into the fusing unit? I want to know if I caused this new failure and how so the mistake isn't repeated.

Is there another part that now needs to be replaced in the fuser? Maybe replacing the entire unit would be more feasible?
You have not plugged fully home the 2 electrical connectors in the fuser. Who on earth told you to cut the film down!!! The prints it will produce will be dreadful!! Get a fuser film ASAP and remember the lubrication grease too


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I had checked the two electrical connections in the fuser before reinstalling the fuser and they were connected (I had not disconnected them at the square end but only at the end of the fuser roller in order to remove the fuser end cap.)
Like I said, the idea to trim the ends of the film was the company vice president - I was just complying before ordering the fixing film. He figured that nothing normally prints on the extreme edge of the paper where the film would be missing.
Would the shortened fixing film cause a 50.2 error?
- MorrisWood
The heater assembly comes with a new OEM film installed, and it is pre lubricated.
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The shorted fixing film will not cause that error, however, it will never work right since the film will shift to one end or the other causing more problems. I go with suggestion above that the clips on one end or the other are not fully seated or not making contact correctly. If you can not get rid of the error my best suggestion is to contact or and order a replacment fuser assembly on advance exchange. They are not longer real pricey and will come with a guarantee.
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Thank you both for your replies. I will check the connections once more.
- MorrisWood
Found the problem - it WAS a the connection on the opposite side from where I had clipped the end of the fixing film. I did not notice that the connection had slipped out of place, probably when I was rotating the gears to view all of the fuser roller. The two connections I checked were on the left side. I have never had to open up the fuser before on these printers. THANKS again for your input.
By the way, the printed copies were OK (I only cut maybe 1/8" off from the end of the film) but I wasn't printing close to the edge on the final tests. We will order the fixing film and replace it.
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Remember you can order the fixing film from this site and help keep these handy dandy forums running!
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Definitely! I have ordered kits from Fix Your Own Printer before and was very pleased with the service and results. - MorrisWood
I have an hp 4100 laser reporting 50.2 fuser error. I discovered the printer had a bad fixing film as well with jagged edges. Could that be the cause of error 50.2 ? I have changed the sleeve but the error is still there. What next do I do?
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50.2 tells you that the fuser is not warming up and that has nothing to do with the sleeve.

50.X FUSER ERROR A fuser error has occurred.
X description:

1 = Low fuser temperature
2 = Fuser warm-up service
3 = High fuser temperature

1. Turn the printer off, wait 20 minutes, and then turn the printer on.

2. If the message persists, reseat the fuser.

! If that does not work, replace the fuser.

! To check the fuser, turn the printer off and remove the
fuser. Measure the resistance between the fuser connectors
J132-1 and J132-2. If it is not within the range of 200 kÙ to
500 kÙ, replace the fuser.

! If there is not continuity between the fuser connectors
J143F (neutral) and J142F (hot) with the fuser removed,
replace the fuser.

! If the problem is not related to the fuser, replace the engine
controller board.
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Where can the fuser be found?
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On the 4000 and 4100 lasers, it's in the back, just inside the rear access door. (You'll see the Caution telling you it's hot)

The 4000 requires a screw driver to get it out, the 4100 has knobs that you turn to release the catch.
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wlulham, I am a little confused but am reluctant to pay for someone to fix! What does the fuser and the knobs you turn look like? Thanks
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My suggestion (and it holds true even for myself) is that if you don't feel comfortable doing something yourself, pay the people who are to do it. Hence, why I don't work on my own car.

To answer your question, if you open the top cover where you slide the toner cartridge in, you'll see how the paper goes essentially straight from the trays, past the toner cartridge (along the cavity that you're looking at), and then to the fuser, where it then reaches the back of the printer, hits that rear access door where you sometimes take paper jams out of, and then curls up and out of hte printer.

So if you turn the printer around, you'll see a door wherein the hinge is on the bottom and hte opening is therefore on the top of the back edge of hte printer. You'll want to open the door and take the door off. If you bend it gently in the middle (so it essentially curves by bending the piece), the knobs will slip out of their respective hole on each side.

Once the door is off, you're looking straight at the fuser. You'll either see two shiny screws in a white plastic face plate, or you'll see two blue elongated 'knobs' that swivel on a pin, thereby unlocking the fuser so you can just pull it straight out.

If you're not familiar with the fusers though, I'd probably recommend just getting a replacement one instead of fiddling with the fixing film or any of the individual parts in it.
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wlulham, I am a little confused but am reluctant to pay for someone to fix! What does the fuser and the knobs you turn look like? Thanks
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Please ignore above post.

Thanks for your help I have indeed taken out the fuser. All seems well except the film is torn on one end (the gears end!). The printer still gives the 50.2 error messege. Im guessing I will need to buy a new unit? Is this correct and where do I buy one from at a reasonable price. Thanks
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Yes the 50.2 is fuser warm up error, so it has to be replaced. You can email [email protected] to see if he as any on hand. You can also go to and as both of these sell them on advance exchange at a good price. You may also want to check your page count or just look at the pickup and separation roller since sometimes it is better to order the maintenance kit which include some extra item which can prevent future issues. Cost difference is really not that much for the kit vs the fuser by itself. Kit usually comes with instructions.
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I've got the heater assemblys in stock. They are new OEM. That's all you really have to replace for the problem. Cheaper than buying a new fuser. Click on my name to email me for pricing, ordering info.
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Moe he will also need the film since he indicates the film is torn on the gear side.
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I brought my 4100 to the US from Australia and purchased a new power cord for it here (our pins are different over there). After turning on the printer I get a 50.2 message, but the machine was perfectly fine in Australia and never gave me any error messages. Is it possible that the voltage settings here are causing the error message and can I get something to fix this?
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Those printers do not have any automatic voltage switching. They will run on either 120V or 240V depending on your country. The 50.2 means the fuser isn't getting hot due to the low voltage. I'm surprised it works at all. It's too expensive to convert the printer to run on 120V. Probably would be cheaper to get a power converter. Hope you didn't mess it up by plugging it into the wrong voltage.
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I believe Australia uses 240 Volt 50 HZ AC power.

The US uses 120 Volts 60HZ.

There is a chance your printer will work if you get an adaptor to change the input voltage to the printer. (the printer will work at 50-60HZ with either voltage)
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Thanks to moe and twang for the replies. I can get a cheap power converter for "light use" that's fuse protected for about $10. Converts 240V to 120V. I'm only using the printer for about 10 sheets a day, max. Will I do any damage to the printer by not buying the (expensive) heavy duty one?

Moe, I don't think the problem happens when you go 240 to 120, but the other appliances bought here stay in the country.(??if this is true)
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The cheap converter will not work. The printer uses much more power then they provide. At most you will blow the converter and not the printer. While printing you will need an adapter capable of about 350 watts or 4 amps.
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Just spotted this. I do not know if good or bad, but if it works, it is what you need.
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The printer does draw a lot of current. That one on eBay is a good deal. I doubt it will go up much in price. I'd wait until towards the end of the auction to bid on it. Plugging a 120V unit into 240V will definitely smoke the unit. Probably nothing happens if you do it the other way around.
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I have just had a 4100 in my office fail with the 50.2 Fuser Error as the original poster had. One removing the fuser I can see amongst the bits of shredded Fuser Film that the sleeve has dissintegrated at one end.

I have found the sleeve available to replace this one but I've read elsewhere that 50.2 error requires you to replace the whole Fuser Unit and not just the film. Something which will cost 3 times the price.

Can anybody confirm this?

Thanks, Nate.
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Confirmed. Heating element is also shot if you get a 50.2 error. It means the fuser is not reaching the desired warm up temp.
by dmzcompute on May 9, 2006 at 5:16am Add comment
replace the heating element and the problem should be solved, check if the connector is burned.
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If you want to save some money, you can replace just the heating element instead of the entire fuser assy. We stock the elements. Email me for pricing and ordering info.
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I need a heating element do you have one?

Please call me 615-376-4129 - Anonymous

Is this always the case? The machine was actually still printing just with the strip where the film had dissintegrated not fusing properly. I have a spare film here and may try that as I've nothing to lose, only problem is that I do not have any PFA Grease. Does anybody kow where I can source this stuff in the UK? None of the printing supplies companies sell it themselves, just the components.
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There is a tube of the grease on this site. Click on the Specials link above. We get stuff to the UK pretty fast. A couple of people wrote in recently, amazed at the quick delivery. One customer got his in 3 days, the other 4.
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I got an HP Laserjet 9000 that gives me the 50.2 fuser error. I changed out the fuser and still getting that message. It is plugged directly in the wall and nothing else is connected to the wall outlet. What could be causing this error? Do I need some film that you are talking about in the forum?
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Also, it takes forever for it to warmup.
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OK, so this is a 4000 thread. Did you make a typo or are you just new to posting and didn't realize that you could actually start a new thread and put your model in the subject line so people wouldn't be confused as to what model you do have.
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Hello! I have a hp4000 tn and i am getting this error message. I have purchased a maintance kit from hp directly when it said to maintence the machine and now the fuser error message is appearing. When I place the old fuser in it will print but the perform maintence message appears.
Yesterday i called and spoke with HP and they have sent me a replacement fuser today. When I swapped that fuser with the old working one I again get the 50.2 Fuser Error message.

Does anyone have any suggestions at all? Could it be that the power outlet is not providing enough power to the newer ones but the old one is fine?
by unknown on Sep 14, 2006 at 7:52am Add comment
Just because you replace the fuser the message won't go away. You must reset maint counter. Very easy to do. Just power down the printer, and then hold in the left side( the left side not the right or middle, but left side) of the 2 center buttons on the control panel and while holding the left side of the buttons turn on the printer. Continue holding the buttons until the message says reset maint count you can then let up on the buttons.

As to the 50.2 error you are getting bad fusers, IF when you reinstall your old fuser it won't show the message and you can print.
If you can print using your old fuser using the same power plug then the new fuser would/should work just fine it is not a power issue.
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So now i've gotten 2 bad fusers for my printers? What are the odds of that?
by patrickl on Sep 14, 2006 at 9:15am Add comment
If you can put your old fuser back in and it works, and then put the new one in and it doesn't you have a bad fuser. It's that simple.
by theprinterman on Sep 14, 2006 at 1:07pm Add comment
I got 50.2 message this morning. Pulled out the fuser, measured the resistance according to this site:

All points measured correctly according to the diagram, however, Heater 2 thermoswitch resistance keep jumping around 0.8-1.5M while Heater 3 thermoswitch has no continuity at all (my multimeter can only go up to 2M Ohm)

I looked at the Service Manual (, found the diagram and location of J132 but couldn't locate it on my fuser. Somehow, it's a little different from the diagram.

All the connectors seem to stay plugged tightly (it was working fine yesterday, just displays that message today without anybody touching its inside). Should I order a new fuser or is there anything I can do to reduce the cost of replacement?


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You can just replace the heater assy. Not that hard. 2 screws and a couple of connectors and it comes off. We've got them in stock.
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Moe, do you have the heater assy in stock for a 4250tn? Getting a 50.2 error and after reading that I should check connections I started dissasembling the fuser (no obvious loose plugs) and found a broken ceramic (?) tab on one end of the heating element.

Didn't see the element in the catalog, but I may have been looking for the wrong thing.

While I'm at it we've been getting some smudges on the printouts and I notice that the tube around the heater is pretty grimy. Intact otherwise. Can this be cleaned somehow, or should I replace?

Thanks - Anonymous
thanks moe for quick reply

how do I tell that I only need the heater assy? is there any test I can do? how much is the replacement?

by sillyxone on May 19, 2008 at 10:18am Add comment
If you're getting the 50.2 error, it's always a bad heater assy. That's all you need to replace as replacing the whole fuser is a bit of overkill. Email me for pricing and ordering info. Just click on my name.
- moe
I don't have any new ones, just some used ones.
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about 50. 2 fuser error in 4100 if i test the fuser in other priter it is good but in my printer it is bad
by Anonymous on Dec 3, 2008 at 4:55am Add comment
I have a HP Laserjet 4100N and am getting the 50.2 FUSER ERROR message. Having googled it and checked one or two obvious things I bought a used fuser unit and installed it. I reset the maint counter as described above but am still getting the error message. Any help to fix it would be much appreciated.
by Anonymous on Feb 18, 2010 at 8:19am Add comment
Assuming the used fuser was good, the only other thing that would cause the error would be a controller board. The board occupies the whole bottom half of the printer and is a bit difficult to replace. - moe
Thanks Moe. I will return the used fuser and get a new one and rule that out before doing anything else.
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Hi, I'm getting 50.2 Fuser Error. Change the fuser and ... same error. It can happen to not appear whole week, sometimes I couldn't print 2 pages whole day. Any ideas what to check?
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My bad for real. I was attempting to replace the fuser film sleeve on my HP 4100 LaserJet printer and had successfully done it, but still got the "50.2" error message. I removed the fuser and removed the fuser sleeve to make sure that I had placed the caps on both ends of the fuser heating element correctly, and BAM!! I heard a faint "snap" when I was inserting the electric connector on the left side of the fuser heating element ( away from the gears)... I removed the connector and... there it was... the ceramic "connector" on the heating element had broken... about 1/3 of an inch from the edge.

I've been looking for an HP 4100 heating element since yesterday and I wanted to see if you "Moe" could provide that for me.


Johnny2034, from Los Angeles, California
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