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Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+

hp Laserjet IIIP

Hello.I have replaced the K08 and K06 parts in my printer.The paper used to get bunched up when printing to tray instead of front. My printer will not pick up paper. It doesn't groan either. It sounds like it is going to pick up and then stops. It says there is a paper jam but it never picked up the paper. Anyway, the Separation Pad I replaced had dents on the metal where it meets the cork. The Pad will come out of position also. When I have to open the printer to clear the paper jam, I push it back down and it seems to hold until next time. The rollers in the bottom of the printer look slick also. I checked all the drives and they are turning. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
The separation pad has 4 small plastic tabs on the bottom that serve as latches. Are they in place or broken off? Are you sure you are pushing it down far enough for the tabs to engage? Is the front of the paper lifting up and can you see the rollers turn to grab the paper?
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This uses the Canon LX proint engine. The bunching is due to the fact the delivery rollers are worn. part numbers as follws:
RA1-7708-040 Roller, Delivery
RA1-7709-000 Support, Roller, Right
RA1-7710-000 Support, Roller, Left

To give you an idea of costs a clone delivery roller is about 10USD.
With regard to the
Do you get an error code? If so what is it? The Input Feed Roller Assembly runs opposite to the Pick-up Roller Assembly and feeds paper between the OPC drum and the transfer charging roller. It sound like the paper sensing arm is damaged. It's near the dc power supply and if the power supply is taken out it can be damaged. Have you checked the Pick-up Roller Assembly {RG1-1792-150}. By the way the designations are HP part numbers, I don't recognise K06 or K08.

I tried to post a picture here but couldn't

Hope this helps
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