asked Jul 20, 2005 at 10:41am
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP LJ 5si

I have a HP 5si that is having a wierd issue. We are printing coupon payments (perferated). On these the print is shifting enough to have to throw out like every 5th or sixth one.
Replaced the rollers, cleaned it out and over look through. There are no errors or jams just the shifting print. The tray is holding the paper snug enough so the paper will not move around inthe tray. Any suggestions?
I have seen this on older 3/4 Si printers but I suspect this may still be your issue. There is electro magnet that when it is fired or in an(Active) position it enables the registration assembly to feed paper by disengaging a clutch on the reg assembly. What happens is the magnet sticks in it's enabled position instead of releasing between sheets in order to register them. I suspect what is happening is the text on the paper is registering lower on the paper then it should. Real problem if trying to fill out forms. In the older machines this magnet is visible and relatively accessible, what I have done is place a small square of bond paper between the magnet and the metal on the plunger. This seems to act as a buffer between the 2 and lets the device return to its normal non-active state between sheet feeds.
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Try using a different tray for the media and see if it still happens. In other words if you use tray 2 right now, move the paper to tray 3 and see what happens.
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Is the print happening before or after it should be?

In other words is the print closer to the leading edge when it is off, or further away?

The registration assembly clutch on the 5Si is not the same style as in the IIISi/4Si printers, this could still be a problem with the registration assembly.

Rather that waste your media try running the paper path test and seeing if the problem occurs on plain paper, and as DMZ suggested try using different trays and see if the problem occurs from all trays, (1, 2, & 3).
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