asked Dec 18, 2001 at 9:41am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP 4 exit rollers enough?

I've got a LaserJet 4 that is still a solid workhorse for me.
However, it's starting to show the exit paper jam problem,
where paper is accordion-folded at the bottom. Yes, it's
getting worse. I know you sell a kit for this, Moe.
However, you're only including the rollers and drive belt.
Is that sufficient for this? Do the gears in that assembly
wear out? Is it better to buy a completely
refurbished exit assembly?

Thanks for a super site!
Buy his kit. The cause of this problem is the upper delivery is bad. Over time dirt, toner and paper debris build up on this roller and it does not push the paper while the fuser is still pushing the paper. Thus causing the accordion-folded paper.
by unknown on Dec 18, 2001 at 1:44pm Add comment
I think if that was happening to my LaserJet 4 I would get a service for it and spend some money of fixing up other problems too if i had them.

There is a tip that works for the IIIP LaserJet is by getting some part lose within that assy of the printer.

But Its best to give it a full service.
by Stuart on Apr 7, 2002 at 8:21am Add comment
The exit rollers fixed the problem nicely. As a plus, something about the repair got rid of the annoying resonance buzz that I had been having for some time.
by Daryl on Apr 7, 2002 at 8:38am Add comment
Where is the buzz comming from?

We can help you about the buzz.
by Stuart on Apr 7, 2002 at 11:53pm Add comment
The buzz was coming from the rear of the printer, but for the longest time, I couldn't figure out what was causing it. The roller replacement fixed the problem. I suspect either it was a roller rattling around, or the case disassembly/reassembly tightened up something that was loose.
by Daryl on Apr 8, 2002 at 7:16am Add comment
Buy Moe's kit. It solved the accordion folding for me on a couple of Laser 4 or 4+'s. He knows what he's talking about!
by Paul on Apr 8, 2002 at 7:26am Add comment

I DID buy Moe's kit. It DID fix my accordion jams. It DID stop the buzzing noise. I've no more problems in these areas.
by Daryl on Apr 8, 2002 at 7:47am Add comment