asked Dec 17, 2001 at 9:19pm
Hp HP DeskJet 600

HP 5L: intermittent streak

I read the other posts about a 1/4" wide white streak on a 5L; this seems perhaps a little different.

Just changed the separation pads and roller on this 5L, works great except that about 2" from the left side of the page on the test print, there's an intermittent irregular "scratch" of at most 1/8" wide- sometimes white in the black area (e.g., the "6" in the 600) and then a inch or so away there will be black in what should be a white area. It's not always in the same place vertically but the irregularities always appear about the same distance apart from each other. Looks like an irregular scratch.

This doesn't sound like the mirror or laser issues mentioned in other posts, but something on a roller; it's likely not the cartridge as I can put this same cart into a different 5L and the print looks fine. The toner is being smeared by something, but where? Something accessible?

I took the printer apart again after installing the pads and looked around, was out of air so didn't just give it a blast, took the cover off the fusor and looked around, but everything looks pretty clean (no leaves in this one, if you recall my other post...but it's from the same source). If I take thing even further apart looking for crud, is there anything I should avoid fiddling with re: alignments etc?

Anyway if this sounds like something in particular in need of special treatment, I'm all ears.
I don't think there's that large an area that could be harboring the junk, if any...but I thought I'd ask about any tricky bits before I took something too far apart and got things out of whack...

Thanks very much!


hmm... I'll bet I need to check the fixing film more carefully that I did the first time.

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