asked Jun 25, 2005 at 5:59pm
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP 5si MX Diverter Problem

I have an HP 5si MX with an 8-bin Mailbox.

I cannot get the output to go to the left output bin at all whether or not the mailbox is connected.

I have disconnected the mailbox and tried to get output to go out the left side, to no avail.

In both cases, the output goes to the top bin and the last page halts halfway through the top bin output slot.

I have tried using both PC settings and printer settings to select the Left Output, same results.

Go to the test menu and do a paper path test. You should be able to choose the faceup or left side tray as the destination. If it does not work, then you may need to replace the diverter assembly which is fairly easy from what I remember. If it works, then you have an issue with software. As to the jam when sending to the facedown assembly. If it happens all the time you may have to replace the assembly or if you are inclined you can take off the top cover and the top roller piece cover will come off when you remove the 2 screws which are thru the metal sleeves. The cover just snaps out. You can then use soap and water or rubber rejuvantor to clean the rollers, reassemble and see if it works. Be careful of the two sensor flags on the left side when looking at the assembly from the left side.
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The paper path test failed. All output ended up in the top bin, except for the last page, which made it almost all the way out of the output slot at the top bin.

If I reset the output location to the top bin, the output works correctly and all of it ends up in the top bin as it should. Reset it back to the faceup, and the last page of the output stops halfway out. No message, no error, it just stops.

I checked the diverter, and the little black arm on the left side which connects to a spindle inside the diverter appears to work correctly. Flip it down, and it rotates the spindle which diverts the paper out the left side. Flip it up and it rotates the spindle and sends the out back up to the top bin.

It looks like the black arm is actuated by a small flat white piece inside a black plastic housing below the fan duct. I don't think that it is doing it's job and flipping the black arm. Bad solenoid?

Any other ideas? - unknown
At the top of the diverter assembly are two black plastic pegs that are supposed to fit into holes on the printer frame. They tend to break off and allow the whole side door to drop down slightly. Try the tests to the left output while pulling up on the left side door. If that works, you'll have to replace the diverter assembly. You should be able to see where the pins broke away from the upper corners of the assembly. Usually the entire corner breaks off.
by david belton on Jun 26, 2005 at 9:50am Add comment
Yes, the left side peg is broken. I did try the suggestion you had, but it failed to work.

I taped the actuator in the down position and the output then went out the side as it was supposed to. I guess it is the solenoid after all.

I have ordered both the diverter assembly and the face up solenoid. - unknown
The piece thet broke off might be stuck somewhere in the assembly keeping it from moving properly.
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