asked Aug 22, 2000 at 11:51am
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cleaning up a Laserjet

When I opened up my Laserjet IIP to replace the scanner motor, I noticed that the inside of printer is extremely dusty. This doesn't look like ordinary household dust, so I presume it was something in the environment at the graphics design firm that I bought the printer from several years ago. What is the best way to clean the printer without doing more harm than good. My initial thought was compressed air, but someone said that was not a good idea. Vacuuming is only somewhat effective. I hate to just put it back together without getting dust out. Any advice? When electronic gear is refurbished it comes out looking almost like new, how do they do such an efective job of cleaning delicate electronic circuit boards?
In our shop we have an air compressor. We blow them out thoroughly. Canned air is what we use out in the field. I guess the worries are the moisture content in compressed air. A trick is to put a vacuum cleaner hose near where you are blowing to suck up the loose dust.
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Those printer cleaning sheets help, too. Every time I clean my printer with compressed air, I get toner bits on subsequent sheets. I bought a package of cleaning sheets at a local office supply store and run one through after cleaning my computer. No more toner bits!

My printer came with a postscript file called cleanprt.ps or something like that. It's a sheet with a thick diagonal stripe across it that you're apparently supposed to run through again after printing it.

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Also when cleaning out the printer with compressed air, take out the toner cartridge, fuser, paper tray, all the plastic side panels you can get to, and any other panels that may hinder the cleaning process. Lots of time you find a good accumulation of dust on the inside of the panels, especially next to where the fan is. On the IIp, it'll be the top and left panel.
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