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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 2000P

desperate,Bought an epson stylus 2000P,will not fe

I bought a Epson Stylus 2000P on EBAY,& it does not work.WILL not feed paper & also the inkBOX stays put in its corner(does not move)...Does anybody out there knows what can be done with this piece of $400.00 junk I bought.
This printer is only 15 months old.Did a dump thing by not buying extension waranty.Error reads "waste ink near full"...Anybody out there ever have that problem.I seem to be just surrunded with broken printers,.WOULD really appriciate anybody who can help me.I have replace printhead(Canon told me this was the problem,but that did not repair it.)Gerry
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This printer I have has a message"phone off hook".I do not want to use fax.Iput it in print mode.THEN it will ask "put original in"...do not understand this printer.WAS working o.k.THEN this ...
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Please read the rules, you should have started two new threads, (discussions).

This is an epson thread, epson guys may not know how to fix your Canon and HP problems.

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Thank u 4 your help!!! - Anonymous
Hello Geralda

When powering on the Printer, press amd hold cleaning and paper eject, release when the paperfeed led lights, then press and hold for 10 secs the cleaning button, this will reset the waste ink counter. This should resolve your issue.

Regards Michael
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