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Ink stains on Epson 2000p prints

I am new to this forum, and would appreciate any assistance. Recently, almost all of the the prints from my Epson 2000p printer have ink stains or smears on them. They are at the end of the printing process, in the last inch or two. Sometimes, they are in the white margins, and I can cover then with white-out. They also apppear in the printed area. They are blue, or dark ink stains. They do not seem to appear in 4x6 prints, but are usually present in 81/2x11 prints, and always happen in 13x19 prints. Again, these stains are always at the end of print, but occur while the machine is still printing. I have cleaned the printer and nozzles several times, and the printer check indicates they are fine. It is over a week later, and problem persists. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
manisman: When I see horizontal lines [side to side on page], banding, or colored lines being printed across photos, its usually do to a failing "Printhead Assembly", but no way to really know for sure. Generally speaking, cleaning will not usually help if it is a hardware/parts problem, that is actually causing those types of lines. If a colored line goes past the border of the actual printed image, that usually also indicates a failing printhead assembly...Here is some previously posted info by EDDY on 12/29/2004 @ 04:20:21 Re: epson and lines. Here is a procedure to confirm that the print head is failing: print the same picture at a lower resolution than the resolution which the problem occurs. Sometimes the problem does not occur at 720dpi or lower. If the problem does not occur then the print head is failing....There's a slight possibility that a build-up of dried ink, dust, dirt, lint and hair, that has possibly built-up on the bottom side and backside areas of the Printhead Assembly, can sometimes cause the "Printhead Nozzles" to fire crooked and that can cause a colored line to appear. That build-up can also act like a small paint brush and can transfer wet ink to the paper as the Printhead Assembly is moving back-n-forth during the printing process. Sometimes that build-up simply smears the wet ink already on the paper, from the printing process. The only way to find out if its actually the build-up that may be causing your printers possible problem, is to clean those two areas, just to eliminate that possibility. If you clean those areas and the lines are still there, then you can assume that its a hardware/part failure thats causing the line problem. I ended up posting my in-depth information, for cleaning the underside & backside areas of the Print Head Assembly, on 4/7/05. You can see that in-depth info at [simply click on that link and it will usually open for you], on the , Printer Repair Site. There are two separate posted replies, listing GENERAL INFO #1 and GENERAL INFO #2. You may want to perform that in-depth cleaning, to at least eliminate those very common problem areas. I have no way to know if that in-depth cleaning will actually help to correct your printers problem. However, its about the only thing you can try, other than actually installing new print heads, which is really not economical to do in the smaller ink jet printer models. Although its a lot of information to read and to follow, its not actually that hard to perform the needed servicing and cleaning. That info is posted step by step, so its easier to follow each step in the actual cleaning procedure...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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