asked Nov 29, 2001 at 8:41pm
Hp HP DeskJet 500C

text turns to garbage

I've had an HP500C for a while now and it was working fine. About a month ago while printing a multi 2 or 3 text page job the printer would suddenly begin to print one line of garbage on the 3rd page or so and then do the same thing on each additional page. I checked to see if I had the current drivers which I do (Win98). I tried a re-install with no luck. I also switched printers cables replacing my original eee1280 with a new high speed cable but it does the same thing and any program I use (WordXP, Works, notepad, etc.) I tried evry fix I could find on HP's support page but it still continues.
Ive had that happen twice to me at work. Wound up replacing the motherboard in the PC
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