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Hp HP LaserJet 4100

HP LJ4100 - error 49.233F &/or paper problem

Hi All,

Have just moved a 4100 from one building to another - carefully.
Unit powers up fine but insists on "unexpected paper size" error 41.3 and then goes to 49.233F - Anyone know what that is?

It will print once before freezing and each time the first line is 1.5" lower (almost exactly) than it should be. It does this from both N°2 and MF trays.

My first reaction was to go for the paper tray but the sizes are correctly set. I then checked to see if there was any slippage and have cleaned the feed rollers thoroughly. This has made no difference to the distance and it doesn't appear to be slipping.

I am now thinking this is a sensor issue. If this seems probable what would be the sensible procedure? If not, ideas welcome

Thanks in advance

Since the 49 error is a firmware error, lets try to narrow things down. Fist disconnect the printer from the network and remove the jet direct card if you have one. Now from the information menu on the printer do a paper path test first from the manual tray with 1 sheet and if that works try 10 pages. If it works try the paper tray below the same way and see if that works. If it does not work with one or the other or both report it back here. If it works, connect the printer back to the network and do a windows test page to see if it works. Report the results if you need further assistence.
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please give details about this printer error
by dinesh on Oct 29, 2005 at 12:35am Add comment
Friends i'm with the same problen. In my printer there isn't a net card to remove.
I have alredy clean the main sensor fron some parts of the printer but the problen continue.Please some resolution to solve it i'll thank you.
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Here's a guide to troubleshooting 49 errors:


Post your results back in this thread.
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Is paper size sensor error , it is positioned on R side of the tray2 hole of the printer where the three microswitch tell to the printer the size of the paper.
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Thanks for the info given in this thread. I had a user with this error on a 4200 HP printer and I had there were no jobs in the queue. I had her power it off and I deleted the printer and reinstalled it with new drivers and it tested ok. No more problems. Glad I did not call it into the repair guy!
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