asked Nov 28, 2001 at 2:27pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

LaserWriter IIG printing blank pages

I had bought a LaserWriter II SC , replacing the II SC CPU with a known good IIG CPU board.
When I turned this printer on .I noticed 2 things.
1) The input roller rumbled as if it were bad, and didn’t feed the parer correctly
2) There was a real printout

I replaced the input printer roller, and then tried to print again.
Then the paper feed worked just fine, but the pages were blank.

I have a copy of the Apple “Service Source” on a CDROM and have carefully read over the IIF/IIG diagnostics shown on their page 30 of this 226 page manual.
I made a serial port jumper with a 25 pin “D” connector , jumpering pin 4 to pin 20 as suggested, and plugged it onto the printer
When the preliminary setup stuff was over over ( after 2 minutes subsequent to printer turn-on) the LED that stays lit is the first, green LED, signifying that , according to the “service source” diagnostics, that one should “:Replace SIMM #1” .
However, this printer sets up just fine with the Desktop Printer Utility to make a desktop icon, and then if I use the Apple Printer Utility-PPC, I can query the IIG CP:U board, which gives me no indication of a RAM error / failure.
Ok, why won’t the printer print? The toner is new...!
thanks in advance
Dan Brown
I dont put much faith in Apples service source CD's. There is a ton of information missing and left to interpretation.
Have you performed an engine test yet?
That will bypass the logic board and eliminate the possibilty of a ram problem.besides, the green light on mine stays on all the time unless i'm sending a job to it. Then it flashes.
Try Moe's tweaking page. It works for everything that can go wrong
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I suspect that you removed the high voltage power supply to replace the roller. This was not a good idea. You probably didn't reinstall it right as it would appear that you have a high voltage problem of some sort.
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