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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 900

Epson 900

Great printer while it lasted. One day it just stopped. When turned on, it will go through boot up, etc. Once a print job is sent, it powers down completely, and won't power up again for a while. Is it terminal (trash time) or can this be dealt with relatively cheaply? I know "Cheap" is not in Epson's vocab!


I take it it's out of warranty? There's a common problem with the 900's that's easily fixed with the correct replacement part. The ones that were installed when the printers were built were not made to spec and it causes this and many other problems.

The part I'm referring to is called the I.F. cable. It connects the I.F. board (small pc board at the right rear corner of the printer (as you face the front) to the mainboard.

Simplest thing is to open up the printer and reseat the cable on the I.F. board; the connection on the mainboard end is not the problem.

Remove the two screws from the back of the upper housing.
Remove the three screws (one is inside the cover close to the carriage) from the front.
Remove the left housing piece (left front corner piece). This will allow the paper holder (front) to come off.
Remove the two screws (that are now exposed) at the bottom of the housing.
Finally, remove the upper housing.

Look for the small pc board that has lots of connections. Find a flat ribbon cable that runs from the board down inside the back of the printer. That's the one you're after. Unplug the cable from the I.F. board and carefully reseat it. Also, cross your fingers!
That might fix it and it might not, but it's worth a try. If that doesn't fix it, you'll need a new cable...whereever you can get one, or send it into the shop for the right cable.

I won't guarantee you that the cable is the problem, but it is often an issue and can cause this problem. Another possibility is the printhead or ROM is bad. In either of those cases, it'd have to go back to the shop.

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