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LaserJet 2100: Graphics or test page hang XP

Hi & Thx 4 Ur Help,
My HP Laserjet 2100 was working fine on my W98se computer until I upgraded to XP Pro and added a ASUS P4800E mommyboard. Then when trying to print a test page it froze the computer solid & the printer "C" looking light just blinks green. I've read & tried several fixes, but it still wont print a test page unless I go to the PCL 5e drivers (which I don't want to do because I want to use 1200 dpi and 5e is only 300/600 dpi). I can print a very good HP LaserJet "features" sheet from the printer alone, & it prints a fine "engine test" with just lines & have printed some test-pages at low res.

Here is what I've tried:
New HP IEEE-1284 compliant parallel cable, always on LPT-1.
Added 2 x 4mb DIMM chip memory to the LJ-2100 for a total of 12 mb
Accidentally erased the NV RAM, (but didn't seem to affect the problem)
Deleted all printers, and refs to HP Laserjet in the c:\\W\\S32\\spool\\drivers\\w32x86 directory && in the registry, then reinstalled the most recent Laserjet 2100 PCL6 drivers
Tried changing the BIOS to ECP, EPP, Bi-dir & reg with and without bi-dir enabled on the printer setup.
Changed to LPT-2, didnt help
Changed back to LPT-1, & set to NOT bi-directional, & renamed the 3 hpdcmon.dll (v 4.20) files found in a search.
Tried printing directly to printer.

I can get it to print from Notepad or Word, and can even print funny fonts at 600 & 1200 dpi, but when I add a WordArt, it crashes. Although it did print the W-Art once without going thru the spooler ("print directly to printer") @ 600 dpi. If I send a job to the printer while it is off, I can see two files in the Printers sub dir of W\\S32\\spooler, but when I turn the printer on, the system freezes hard & I have to reset both the printer and the computer.

It seems to be a memory problem, but I have ~170gB of hard disk and 512mb RAM & added printer memory. Can anyone help me get this puppy to print graphics at 1200 dpi? Thanx 4 Ur help.
My gut feeling is a computer and not printer issue. Since the os has changed it is possible the programs you are using when you have an issue may not be handling the data correctly. It is also possible you have a interface issue with the new board. A couple of things to try. First if you have access to a usb to parallel adapter, I would try that to eliminate the parallel port as the issue. I have seen many instances where newer pc boards just have problems on the old parallel port. You could also try the driver for the 2200 or even the 4200 just to see if that will work. Let us know how you make out.
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