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Help needed with network printing Lexmark

Can you help?

I have just replaced an Epson 600 with a Lexmark P915. The set up is this:

1 host computer (Windows XP) with the printer attached by USB.

1 laptop (Windows 98) which connects by wireless LAN to the host.

Printing works fine from the host.
When printing from the laptop, the print queue has status "printing" but after about 5 mins (and no print out) I get the error message "Communication Not Available" "The printer cannot communicate with the computer".....

The printer is shared from the host.
The laptop has the correct compuer name and printer name in the Port setting.
The laptop can "see" the printer when you go to Windows Explorer, Network Neighbourhood

It used to work fine with the same set up with the Epson! Numerous calls to Lexmark support have been unhelpful. I have uninstalled and reinstalled in several different ways - all with the same result.

Any ideas?

I do not know if this will work, but this is what I would try. Connect the printer directly to the notebook and install it via the usb port. Now go into printer properties and change the port to the shared name on the host computer. Turn the notebook off, connect the printer to the host and turn the notebook back on. See if it now prints. The reasn why I would do this is you are using win 98 and the driver on the host is xp. They may not be compatible. If you load the printer on the notebook using the software provided by lexmark, it will load the win98 driver which you need.
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I have the same problem the only difference is that I run xp to xp
The printer works fine on the main computer.The laptop will print only If I insert the USB cable from the printer,into the laptop. I have been in touch with tech support with Epson, as well as the D link router folks. And I also contacted Acer for support but Acer told me that it was a 3rd party problem and they can not help me.I have been working with my DSL server,they could not come up with anything. They suspect that somewhere I deleted something from the laptop that is interupting with conncting to the network printer. The laptop is connected everything works Exept the printer. When I go to print the print box that comes up is Grey. So I am not connecting I think. Any Idea's I have done the last recommendation from the last question.Nothing worked for me. I will attempt anything at this point exept deleting my hard drive.There has got to be a fix of some kind. Hopefully?
Best regards.
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Did you try what I suggest by connecting the printer directly to the notebook and adding it as a new printer. If you do does it print? If it does, then reconnect to the other computer and make sure it is shared and then just change the port from usb001 or whatever to \\\\computername\\sharename and it should work where computer name is the computer the printer is attached and sharename is the name you give it when sharing it. To get to the port just right click on the printer and go to properties and left click. Now click on ports and then click on add port and then click on local port and then click on new port and in that box type using the snytax above and save and apply and it should work.
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