asked Mar 29, 2005 at 4:05am
Epson Epson Stylus CX3600

EPSON CX3600 - Not found by WIN 98

Can anyone please help.

Installed my new epson cx3600. Instructions said not to connect the usb to printer until the software was installed.

It actually said it needed the printer connected, which I did.
But does not find the printer - the only option is to tell it to stop searching and it then puts it in as LPT1 - so does not work.
The all in one cx3600 is fine in scan mode; but does not seem to put a suitable port in for the printer driver.

In the device list there is no problem.

If I force it to redetect the device it finds it tries to install it then tells me that it cannot do it - try shutting all progs and restart windows - contact my administrator is it persists.

Any ideas please.
Remove the driver from:

Start -> Settings -> Printers

Then run the setup program from installation cd, plugging the cx3600 but leaving it turned off, turn it on only when prompted by setup program.

If it doesn't work the problem is in the registry, some values prevent Windows from recognizing the peripheral. In this case the only possibility would be searching the keys by hand but it is the last option.
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If you are on a network, you may not have rights to install the printer, hence, the contact your administrator. If this is not the case, disregard.
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