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Epson Epson Stylus Color 440

Epson 440 - caridge slams into left side


I absolutely LOVE this site. This is the second time this week I have accessed it for various printers. Very complete answers to questions I had. This slamming problem was mentioned but I didn't see an answer.

I was asked to look at a printer and I think I may have caused a bigger problem. I was not able to access the internet to figure out how to change the ink when the indicator lights were out. So I thought I could quickly insert the new cartridge during the last long pause of the head cleaning stage. The black cartridge worked perfectly. I didn't get the color cover closed in time. I think that it may have kind of repositioned itself. It is now slamming into the left end of the printer and the text that it is printing is not lined up and prints off the edge of the page. I am not certain how to fix this...or if it can be fixed. I tried running print head aligning and another head cleaning. But it still slamming into the end.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Jennifer
There could be two causes I can cause that problem. The first is the bushing on the carriage was broken loose or the carriage guide shaft may need to be cleaned and oiled.

For info on cleaning the guide shaft and to see what the bushing looks like try this link.

I hope this helps,

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