asked Mar 26, 2005 at 6:05pm
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Apple 360 Select Cleaning


I have a 360 select I am about to perform the mirror cleaning on - Yep, I have the video - and was wonder on what else should be cleaned while I have it in pieces.

The entire guts of the poor thing will be dusted (prolly with compressed air f/ a compressor) as it is filthy.

However, I was wondering about the fuser, glass, any other mirrors, paper paths & rollers, do dads, wingy bits, and dirty thingies ;-) In short is there any sound advice on WHAT to clean, WHEN to clean it, and most importantly: HOW?

Also, the printer will tend to do a mild bit of creaking when it prints. Nothing that I can't write off as age, but should I lube anything or do things of that nature?

Finally, what is the best thing to clean the plastic shell? It more yellow than beige at this point any any thing I could do to get back to beige would be a bonus.

Thanks in advance...

The only things you really need to clean are pointed out in the video. As for the case, the only way to clean it back to beige is with some liquid ajax or comet, a nylon scrubbing pad and a lot of scrubbing. The bleach in the cleaner and the nylon scrubby will take off the yellow.
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