asked Oct 26, 2000 at 7:49am
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Apple LW IINTX Fuser

Does anyone know where I can get a fuser assembly repair kit for a Apple LaserWriter IINTX?


Oh, man. I checked sun remarketing for you, and that baby is expensive. Sun Remarketing (www.sunrem.com) sells apple service parts to consumers. Check this link:


Since it's so expensive, though, I'd recommend that you just watch the goodwill or classifieds in the newspaper. The LW II NTX is the same engine as all the other LW II's, so just get another LW II and use one or the other as your 'parts' printer. I'd bet you could find someone selling a LW II SC for cheap because it's such an incompatible beast in today's world.

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Did anybody notice the Apple II fuser on the specials page for $49?
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