asked Mar 18, 2005 at 12:32pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 1200

epson 1200 errors

I need assistance ASAP..I read the procedure on how to reset the 1200 but for the life of me I cannot ge tit to work. I did manage to find a service amanul and it to is not overly clear on the procedure


all lights on the 1200 flashing

this is what I did

1. pressed both load/eject and clean button then pressed on button

2. released

then pressed the clean button for 10 seconds

nothing light astill blinking

this is a portion of the manual
1. Be sure to replace the waste ink pad located in the lower case, when canceling the maintenance error.

2.If you replace the waste ink pad regardless of the maintenance error, be sure to perform this operation.

After turning the power on while pressing Load/Eject and “Cleaning”
switches, “Paper Out” indicator blinks for 3 seconds. By pressing the
following switches during this period, following action is carried out.

Table 1-18.
Special setting mode Switch Function

a. Load/Eject • Initialize EEPROM* and reset time IC

b. Cleaning 10 seconds)
• Reset the ink overflow counter in EEPROM.


stilll it's not clear as to when to release and press buttons again..if it is it written in techie lingo :)

can soemone please help me out here thanks