asked Oct 26, 2000 at 2:15am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Aftermarket cartridges for Stylus 600 opinions?

I have a Epson Stylus 600. I have been shoping for a cheaper source for replacement cartridges. I have found the following to be the best buy: http://www.source4ink.com

I was wondering if it makes much of a differce which of these companies I use. There are many I am looking at. Does anybody have any opinion of sourch4ink of any others?


I don't believe in them myself having seen too many problems caused by them, but Big Al at
netwares.com or Fred Keen at repeatotype.com have been in business a long time.
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For awhile I bought cartridges for my Stylus 600 from MEI, whose products have always been pretty good for me. They worked; but in only a week or two of non-use (I don't do much color), they'd plug up. I couldn't always remember to do a jets test often enough. I had to do all sorts of things to unplug them, sliding cleaner on paddles under the non-removable head, etc. Once I pulled the cartridge and dropped a little cleaner into the inside of the head. I would lose a lot of costly ink doing 10 or 20 cleaning cycles and the manual cleaning took an hour or two. I wanted to smash the printer and switch to one with replaceable heads in the cartridges, but the Epson output was the best of all brands and I already had it.

Anyway, I switched to NCR cartridges from Office Max, which were priced similarly and available locally. I have not had a single major plug up since, even after coming back from a three week vacation. I had a partial plug up once, but it only took one cleaning cycle to open up.

After this experience, I am convinced the NCR inks, which don't print any better than MEI's, are far superior in resisting drying out. This has been my experience for more than a year and for several NCR cartridges, both B&W and color.

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