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Lexmark Lexmark Optra R

Lexmark Optra R+ Laser Printer & HP Pavilion 513w

I just purchased a reconditioned optra r+ printer. It printed the test page fine at the vendor's office. When I got it home and booted it up I got it to test print. Then I installed it to my computer. Now, all it does is say "performing self test." Because of your help, I was able to determine that the printer works great until connected to my computer. I unhooked cable, ran printer stand alone, and had no problems. Now, when I try to print, instead of "performing self test" I get "out of paper" on my print queue readout. There are some threads out there on this but they did not help me. I am not very good w/hardware, but I did successfully look at the bios for my computer, could not find anything about "bi-directional" The cable from printer to computer is a male to male 25 pin cable compliant to high speed two way data transfer. It is right? I have Windows XP and just used the wizard to install the printer. It installed w/o problems but won't print! Help!
It sounds like a communications problem. The computer is not receiving signals from the printer. I recall that some Lexmark printers had trouble if the parallel port was set to ECP in the BIOS. Unfortunately I don't have a computer nearby to check, but I think there is a way to set the port for 'standard' or somesuch. Alternatively, your cable may not be what is claims to be or may be faulty, or the parallel adaptor on you computer is faulty.
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On the computer if you press F2 when you see the HP logo you should enter the bios. What bothers me is the performing self test staying on the display really indicates to me that maybe your cable is bad and not the port. What happens if you leave the cable off when you turn on the printer and when the printer says ready you connect the cable and try to print a test page. Just curious as to what happens. If you venture into the bios just change the parallel port to normal or standard. If that does not work and you try a different cable I guess it is possible you have a bad port on the computer or even a bad port on the printer. Only way is to hook up to another computer.
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What happens if you leave the cable off when you turn on the printer and when the printer says ready you connect the cable and try to print a test page.

That is when I got the "out of paper" in the print queue messages on my computer. Just FYI, I have a Lexmark X75 connected to a different port on my computer. It works fine.
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Another thing you can do if you can get the printer to ready and the cable connected at the same time is to do a dos print. Just to a command prompt and type cd\\windows and hit enter. At the prompt type dir >> lpt1 and hit the enter key. If the printer prints the directory of windows then you have some sort of a driver issue. If you get a message error writing to lpt1, then you have a problem with the port, cable or port on the printer.
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Try teh easiest first. I have corrected a lot of odd problems by defaulting the printer.
If menus are enabled press Menu/More/Test//More/Factory Default

If Menus are not enabled, power printer off hold down return and top button and power on and continue to hold down until performing self test displayed then release. This acts as a toggle. Oh and make sure that while your performing this proceedure, your standing on your left foot while tilting head slightly right. Good Luck.
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Thank you BusyMike. I did the operation to restore factory defaults. It did not work. I still get "printer out of paper" in my print queue when I try to do a test print. Thank you for your suggestion. - Anonymous
Did you try the dos print that I told you in my post. You have a communication issue either with your computer, cable or printer interface. You need to do futher testing to narrow it down.
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