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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 2000P

Wacky Epson 2000P

OK, I'm not computer illiterate and I'm not crazy but here's my story...
I've had this 2000P since about 2001 and it's worked great. I got a bulk ink setup a year ago and about 6 mos. later things went downhill (I have NO indication at this point that the two are related, just stating facts). Symptoms of problem is this:

Up until a few weeks ago the problem was...

If you turn on the printer after a long powerdown, the FIRST print job (be it image or nozzle check) is fine. And it didn't matter if the job was one page or ten. Any subsquent job submission would be missing yellow and light magenta. Short power downs (even with unplugs) do not reset issue. It needs hours to straighten itself. I know this sounds crazy, so I've repeated it MANY times and tried many other things. It is highly repeatable and the only thing that works. It seemed to happen when I went from win2000 to winxp, but again, may be coincidence.

More recently,
While I hobbled along doing one print job a day, more recently, the prints have been coming out with a dark purplish hue that can't be adjusted out. I emailed EPSON and they told me to do a nozzle clean. REAL helpful! How a clogged nozzle could cause a dark purple hue is beyond me. Actually, I'm wondering if the Lithium battery could be to blame. I got the repair manual and while the English is poor, it doesn't sound like the battery does very much, but I wanted to check around before poking around inside.
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The first problem should be due to bad sealing between the color cartridge and the printhead. When you leave the printer rest ink flows toward the head and the cleaning cycle at the startup fill it. After the cleaning, ink distribution in the sponge changes and it becomes harder for the nozzles to suck ink from the cartridge. The loose sealing will let air pass, and after some pages (or a new head cleaning) it will reach the printhead.

I cannot tell anything about the second issue, it could be caused by color contamination or missing nozzle. Try printing a test pattern like the primer pages you can find at:
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I have tried these test patterns and again if it is the first print on powerup, it is fine (all five colors and black print as expected) after that, yellow and lt magenta are completely absent. Repeated head cleanings or printing multiple full pages of the colors in question do not bring it back suggesting an air pocket may not be the problem.
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Thanks for the suggestion, though. - Anonymous