asked Oct 25, 2000 at 9:37pm
Brother Brother CE 50

How do you service a drum?

Hi there. I have a Brother HL-630 which is printing black junk across the center of the page. I took it in to a service center once for the same problem, and for $50 they "serviced the drum." I assume they cleaned the accumulated toner muck off the drum, but I'll be darned if I can figure out how they did that.

Are there instructions anywhere online for this kind of work? Is there a resource that would tell a "civilian" how to clean up the innards of a laser printer? (Brother-specific info would be nice, but I'd settle for general tips here.)

Thanks in advance...

Where is the excess toner collected in the Canon engine (Laserwriter II)? Also, when I replace the toner cartridge, am I not also replacing the developer drum?


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There's a toner hopper on one side and a waste tank on the other side of the cartridge. The drum sits between them.
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If you take your drum unit out and look underneath it (WITHOUT TIPPING IT OVER) you will see a blue/purple button on one side of the drum unit (DR200), Move it briskly accross in the channel that it is in 2 or 3 times and make sure that it is back in the same place as when you started. This button has a part on it that cleans the drum corona wire. It is something that you should do to your drum unit at least once every couple of weeks to keep the toner from charging onto the corona and then later, arriving on your papers to give you such ugly print quality.
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