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Epson Epson Stylus Pro Pro

Epson Stylus Pro

I have an Epson Stylus Pro
and she works great...the only issue is an aligment one

after calibrating the printer all seems aligned until a print job

Test print

Using Coreldraw...I created a box the outline is black and the fill is red

2. sent to print
3. prints great with exception

4. the outline box is about 4mm offset lower than the fill...but it is aligned pefectly the horizontal positioning hte is off by 4mm's

any suggestions on how to correct the horizontal offest

as stated the vertical is fine

thanks in advance
newtek: Unfortunatly, thats probably an actual software problem/settings problem in the program you are printing from, rather than an actual printer problem. I work on the printers, but not the computer systems and software related problems. You could try using a different software program to print from and see if that makes any difference. If the problem stops, when using a different software program, then at least you would know the problem was coming from that Coreldraw program. If so, then you might have to try and get technical assistance from the maker of that software...I'm sorry, but there is only that one Printhead Alignment Test, that you can actually do on the printer itself. If that alignment was not holding, it could be do to a DRY and or DIRTY carriage assembly, that could be causing problems. You can try wiping off all around the round metal carriage bar or shaft [that the print cartridge holder assembly moves back-n-forth on], with a lint free cloth. Also clean the outside of the metal bushings with q-tips, that the carriage bar passes thru, on both sides of the print cartridge holder assembly. You can also use alcohol on the cloth, if there is a lot of build-up on the carriage shaft/bar. Then lube the metal bar on both sides of the holder assembly, slightly with a precision oiler, not a spray lubrication, or the appropriate grease thats used on some of the newer models [Epson C40UX, C44UX, C62]. A drop or two of a Teflon based lubrication or Tri-Flo lube is best on the older models of most printers. Manually slide the holder assembly back and forth to spread out the lubrication and wipe of any excess lube or blackish build-up that appears on the bar. After the carriage assembly is cleaned & lubed, then you should perform the "Printhead Alignment Procedure" thru the PRINTER PROPERTIES UTILITY thats loaded onto your Computer System. That alignment can be thrown off because of a dirty and or dry carriage assembly. Sometimes people will simply do a re-alignment without cleaning & lubing that assembly. That simply does a quick fix that usually does not last long. Once that assembly is cleaned & lubed, the actual alignment is then usually off, from those previously done re-alignments and or the sticking & binding caused from when that assembly was dirty and or dry...You can check out this link, supplied by WES, to see different lubrications: and also this link provided by WES, , to see some general information on "Carriage Guide Shaft Maintenance"...I guess its possible that the paper may not be feeding in correctly, but other than cleaning the rollers, there's no actual adjustments that I am aware of. You can always try cleaning the Pick-Up/Feed-In Roller or Rollers with a "Rubber Roller Cleaner/Rubber Rejuvinator" and see if that helps. Sometimes simply cleaning and treating that rubber roller or rollers will make all the difference on paper feeding problems. Some of the best Rubber Roller Rejuvenator that I have ever used, is available in a can: Price = $10, plus shipping, from "", at Luck! Denny Conway

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