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Epson Epson Stylus CX5400

Epson CX5400

I have had this printer for about a year now and suddenly it has developed a problem in that the Mageneta cartridge will not print.

I have tried the head cleaning cycle about 15 times in the past 2 days, I have replaced the cartridge with a brand new full one.

I have contacted Epson's Tech Support via E-mail at at their request called into their support line this morning, Unfortunatly I also found out that if one does not shell out the $75.00 to use their inks they will not help you at all. The recomendation that I received this morning was to go buy some "Genuine epson Cartridges" and call them back.

Having been a lifelong HP Fan I now realize that my problem was buying this piece of junk in the first place but now I am stuck with it, Does anyone have an Idea as to whats causing this problem and is it fixable without too much intervention from Epson???
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If your cleaning pad is ok, the problem is the magenta cartridge. Using compatible cartridges often leads to problems, refilling original ones is a bit difficult but it works much better.

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Peeker: Unfortunatly, there have been a lot of non-printing related problems, that have been reported on the newer models of printers. Especially if you have been using Non-Epson Ink Cartridges in your printer. Most "Epson Authorized Service Dealers" are not actually trained on the newer "C","CX", "R" or "RX" models, so I'm sorry, but I cannot really be of much actual help to you. Epson Company does not even allow their dealers to work on those models under warranty. They simply send a replacement printer in exchange for the defective unit thats under warranty and the defective printer is then sent back to Epson. I would suggest that you actually get out your origional sales receipt or sales invoice and check your actual purchase date. If your printer is under one year old, then its still under its origional factory warranty. As the "Epson Technical Support Department" was of no actual help to you, then call the "Epson Connection", at 1-562-276-1300 and file an actual Warranty Claim. Epson normally offers a WHOLE UNIT EXCHANGE on most ink jet style printers that fail under warranty, but you may need to provide "Proof Of Purchase" [origional sales receipt or invoice] to complete that warranty claim. You also need to know that a Whole Unit Exchange is where Epson will send you a replacement printer, in exchange for your defective warranty printer. That replacement printer is usually not an actual new printer. It may be another printer that also failed under warranty and was also returned to Epson Company. Returned warranty printers, then go thru the Epson Repair Facility, where they are repaired. Then they may be used as a replacement printer, for any other printers of the same model that may also fail under warranty...I would suggest that you do as most people do and don't tell Epson if you are using Non-Epson Ink Cartridges in your printer. Unfortunatly, not all Generic & Third-Party ink & ink cartridges are made the same and none of them actually contain the right formulation of ink, for the Epson Printers [formula is patented by Epson Company]. Some are probably close and seem to be better than others, but some simply can clog-up or even damage the Printhead Assemblies on Epson Printers. Epson Ink Jet Printers are one of the few printers on the market that seem to have so many problems with non-manufactors inks, especially the newer models made in the last couple of years. Its because the Epson Printers use a completely different printhead inking system than most other brands of printers. Most, if not all of the other manufactors, use thermal or bubble jetprint heads and because the other brands use a totally different system, they don't seem to have as many problems using refilled inks or non-manufactor's ink cartridges. Printer manufacters do not make available their ink formulation and in most cases, the formulation is patented. Any difference in the ink formulation can actually cause clogging in the small printhead nozzles or damage other critical components. One individual printhead nozzle is so tiny, that it will not accept a human hair, so you can see why they can get clogged so easily, or even why the nozzles can be so easily damaged...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Well more for information purpose's than any other there have been some developments with this issue....

I called back their tech support line and lied through my teeth and told them I had purchased some "Genuine Epson Cartridges" and they decided to go through their support proceedures with me. (She did try to trick me thou by making me take out the cartridges and read her the Part No off of each one..) Prior to calling back though I had replaced the Cyan cartridge which was getting low from all the Head Cleanings I had done and now it has stopped printing as well (now I am down to 2 colors, Black & Yellow) anyway she makes me go through the head cleaning twice more and decides that she cannot help and transfers me to someone that can discuss "Other Options".

He tells me that they have managed to verify from the Serial number that the unit is OUT of warrenty and proceeds to offer me these 3 options:

1. give me a "Significant Discount" on the purchase of another printer - Translation: $40.00 off ;(

2. Give me a Gift certificate good towards purchases made from the Epson Web site - Theres that $40.00 again.. ;(

3. They will repair the unit for Free (NOT REPLACE) but I have to pack it up in the orginal packageing (Threw it away a year ago) and send it to them and wait 3-5 weeks to get it back. Now according to this man this is all based on the fact that I was using "Genuine Epson Ink" or there may be additional charges for the repair.

Now I can say that I have learned one Valuable lesson from all this. I have been a steadfast Hewlett Packard customer for almost 15 years, In my Professional opioun they make some of the best printers in the world and why I broke from that tradition to buy this piece of crap is still a mystery to me but I will be forced to buy another printer and I will go back to my Roots and will NEVER purchase another Epson product for me or a client ever again. Unfortunatly for me however that opens another can of worms as I have been reccomending this printer to my clients for the past year....OH GOD!!!
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The answer I got from Epson was that by leaving the printer on when not in use causes the heat from the printer to dry to ink on the head.
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