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Epson Stylus 900 Problems

I have two 900 printers, each with a problem. I'd appreciate any advice you could provide as to the possible cause and the solution.

Printer #1:

Looking at a nozzle test print, there appears to be black ink (or possibly bule ink) appearing on the bottom row of the yellow ink test portion (the darker ink begins about one third of the way from the left of the bottom row all the way to the far right of the bottom row). All other rows of the yellow ink test portion look fine.

We run several cleaning cycles and the problem goes away, but after printing a couple of pages (that happen to use lots of yellow ink) the problem resumes. We've done this maybe a dozen times -- clean heads, run prints, problem returns, repeat...)

Then we tried the Epson Head Cleaning Solution we purchased from FixYourOwnPrinter, leaving it overnight with the heads parked over the foam pad that we saturated with the cleaning solution. Again, same problem -- it works for a short time, then the darker ink appears on the bottom row of the yellow.


Printer #2:

Also an Epson Stylus 900. This printer has problems printing a very narrow vertical line with black ink. It's noticable when I print a standard head test print -- the vertical black lines on the far left side of the black text bars are "whispy" -- that is, in some placesm they seem to fan out just a bit to the left or right, instead of being straight up and down all they way through. We ran the vertical alignment several times, but the problem persists -- and in fact, running the vertical alignment test shows this problem in spades. It's hard to describe, but perhaps "wavy" is another term that might describe this.

I could email someone an example of this if it would help.

Any suggestions to both/either of these problems would be gratefully appreciated.

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Problem #1 is usually caused by poor quality cartridges, the sponge doesn't retain ink properly and the pad get soaked, resulting in color contamination.
Problem #2 can have different causes, guide shaft insufficient lubrication causing vibration of the carriage, bad cartridges, bad ink, dirt on the print head.
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