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Epson Epson Stylus CX5400

Will my Epson CX5400 print if only one ink is out?

My CX5400's magenta ink is out and now the stupid thing will not print at all just because that one ink is out. I tried to print with the print settings set to black ink only. It still does not work. I hope this is just user error and not one of Epson's genius ways of getting their customers to spend endless amounts of money on ink. I hardly ever print in color, so I feel their should be a way to print in just black even if one of the color inks is out. What am I doing wrong or is it the freaking printer? My wallet cannot afford the amount of their ink cartridges. Last time I ran out of ink, I tried to buy the generic brand to save a few dollars, and the dam thing did not print right. Oh well. Any advice would be great...thanks!
You need all the ink cartridges to print anything. Even if you are only printing black text. The reason is ink jet printers use the other colors to print all the other shades of grays and so on.

So it won't print until the magenta ink cartridge is replaced. Also if one ink cartridge gets low the printer will nag you to replace it until it runs out and stops or it gets replaced.

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I am sorry but there's actually no way to force Epson printer to work when a cartridge (even only one) is empty.

You need at least a resetter, an eeprom programmer that is able to rewrite cartridge chips with new values. Anyway, resetting a cartridge without refilling it can cause clogs, creating more problems.
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Agree, you actually need some restter or some sort of always-full-level chipset to work as that way.
you can try:

I know many B&W people use their system to print only Black and White with Epson 1280 and C86.
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